Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anna Pavlova in Australia

This lovely link from Poeartica is about the great ballerina's arrival in Australia in the twenties, but she comes into the category of famous Edwardian people so I am including it here: All Hail The Dancing Queen


Hels said...

Great story and even better photo, Viola. Thanks for winkling it out of a blog which would normally never pop onto my screen.

For my Russian grandparents, the arrival of Pavlova was proof that Australians understood high culture and were prepared to pay for it. What they did not know was that many of the so-called Russians were apparently Englishmen in heavy disguise. How funny :)


Viola said...

Thank you very much Hels.

Pavlova was very cunning, wasn't she?
She hoodwinked the whole world with her English men! I didn't realise that either until I read a book by Algeranoff. (I think that is the right name from memory.) Yet she complained somewhat cheekily, I thought, that the English women were not much good at ballet because they were too repressed. They've proved her wrong since then!

I'm glad that your grandparents thought that Australians were cultured. Algeranoff wasn't too pleased with us!