Sunday, August 16, 2009


I'd love to go to this legendary restaurant one day! Here is my article about its history: Maxim's, Paris


Hels said...

"Maxim’s became a symbol of the opulent Belle Epoque era in Paris. Everyone who was anyone dined there." So it probably started in the 1890s.

Ahhh see that is why I don't know it so well. I only know the grotty dives where my impoverished artists hung out, paying for their coffees by leaving the odd drawing :) Maxim's was at another level of elegance altogether!


Viola said...

I only know it from the movies! I'd love to go there but I think that the museum will be as far as I'll get...

I've been reading about the impoverished artists and they certainly had pretty miserable lives. Their wives had an even worse time!

Thank you very much for commenting.