Thursday, October 20, 2011

Explorer's Remains Found

Interesting story about Framk Wild, an explorer and friend of Shackleton.


Richard Hannay said...

What a fascinating story, I had no idea about the later years of Frank Wild's life, and i'm very glad the story has a happy ending. If you haven't seen it already, I highly reccomend 'Shackleton' (2002), a docudrama produced by Channel 4/ABC Australia, telling the story of the 1914-16 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition which, despite being a failure, is what Shackleton and Wild are so famous for. The first episode (of two) is almost entirely set in 1914 London

Viola said...

Thank you very much, Richard. I will certainly try to see 'Shackleton'. I have read a few books about Scott and Mawson and the stories of Antarctic exploration are fascinating but extremely harrowing.

My trips to New Zealand made me even more interested in the history of Antarctic exploration because of seeing the statue of Captain Scott in Christchurch and the monument to him in the Botanical Gardens at stunning Queenstown.