Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Douglas Tompkins, A Specialist Jungian Psychoanalyst in New York

Douglas Tompkins specializes in Jungian psychotherapy in New York City.  He trained as a Jungian analyst in Zurich and New York and he is a licensed psychotherapist in New York State.  He also belongs to many professional organizations.

Jungian analysis offers a way for people to integrate their souls so that they can repair their damaged psyches and become whole people.  Jung's teachings often focused on the subconscious and dreams.  He felt that studying these helped the therapist understand the patient's difficulties and complexities.

Jungian psychoanalysis is designed to assist patients to heal so that they can form better realtionships and enjoy more success in their professional careers.  An initial consultation is required so that the psychoanalyst and the patient can see if they can form a positive relationship. Why not see Douglas Tompkins today?

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