Saturday, October 19, 2013

Distance Education at the Australian Christian College, Southlands

Would you like your child to study at home?  This option is available at the Australian Christian College, Southlands. Distance education means that a student is enrolled in a registered school and studies at home supervised by a parent. Home provides an ideal place to learn for many students, because they can study in familiar and comfortable surroundings, and they can be surrounded by supportive family and friends.

Another big advantage of distance education is that the student receives a lot of individual attention from his or her teachers and parents.  This may not occur at a large school where a pupil can sometimes become just 'one of a number' and even fall behind because of being neglected by teachers.  

The Australian Christian College provides two programs by which a student can complete school.  The Online Learning Program is similar to an actual school, because students listen to podcasts, watch videos, and interact online with other pupils.  They also study the Australian Curriculum.

The other choice is the Correspondence Program.  This is tailored to the student and paper-based.  The student uses instructional workbooks.  This option suits those who want a more traditional type of education.

Pupils do not have to live in regional areas to study at the college.  Distance education is also available for those who live in big cities and large regional towns.

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