Tuesday, January 5, 2016

An Edwardian Christmas Dinner

A sumptuous Downton Abbey-style Christmas dinner


Hels said...

Nod.... the photos look wonderful - the food, flowers, silver and linens. Especially the refreshing sweets!

But as the article suggested, imagine the work involved. "The meal which would have been served at posh family dos would have taken a team of 15 working 12 hour shifts each". I don't suppose the wealthy Edwardian family shared the tasks around - cooking, cleaning, setting the table, ironing the linen etc.

Viola said...

Thank you, Hels. I think that life would have been especially awful for a scullery maid! Also, I read a biography of Lady Diana Cooper and she remembered the 'water-men' at Belvoir Castle. They had to lug big heavy buckets of water up the stairs very early in the morning. I was surprised because this continued into the twentieth century.