Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Edwardian Invention

Think of Edwardian women next time you do the vacuuming. They were so thankful for this new invention that vacuum cleaner parties became very popular!

The first power-driven vacuum cleaner was invented by H.Cecil Booth, a British engineer in 1901. It was so large that it had to be mounted on horse-drawn carts. Using it involved extending the 100-foot hose through the windows! Before the invention of this modern new convenience, cleaning machines blew or brushed the dirt away. The new machine was used for all sorts of strange jobs, such as cleaning the dusty girders of the Crystal Palace. Booth formed his own company, specialising in industrial vacuum cleaners.

Murray Spangler invented the first electric vacuum cleaner in Ohio. William Henry Hoover's wife was so impressed with it that she showed it to her husband. He bought the patent rights and he also formed his own company. In fact, his name practically became synonymous with the vacuum cleaner.

Unfortunately, I couldn't watch this video. Some of you will be able to, however.

Edwardian Farm - The Vacuum Cleaner

Saturday, June 11, 2011

One of New Zealand's Favourite Opera Singers

A tribute was being held for the great conductor, Toscanini. A ghost in the audience watched as the conductor held his concert. Flowers sent to her were placed in a darkened hotel room in Venice.

The ghost was the famous opera singer, Frances Alda.