Friday, August 19, 2011

Oxford Medical Prepares UK Doctors For Interviews And Teaching

Oxford Medical has been established since 2004 and an excellent reputation for teaching interview skills, medical management courses, and medical teaching courses. The company's courses include the Consultant Interview Course, the Medical Teaching Course, the Medical Management Course, and the Teach the Teacher Course.

The Consultant Interview Course is held in London and Oxford. It is taught by expert NHS trainers who have experience in the medical interview process. They can prepare U.K. doctors for consultant interviews, GPST interviews, and CT/ST interviews. The course is taught to small groups so each student can have personal attention. The recorded mock interviews and excellent feedback from the teachers is extremely helpful for students. Students also receive the benefits of free post course support and training.

The Medical Teaching Course is held by Oxford Medical in Oxford and London. It takes two days. It can be extremely important for doctors to know how to teach doctors and staff. This course teaches doctors the latest educational theories and prepares doctors to feel confident about teaching. It satisfies the Train the Trainer requirements of the profession.

The Medical Management Course takes three days and is taught by expert clinicians and managers. It is also taught in small groups and has received excellent reviews. The course uses the Medical Excellence Competency Leadership Framework.

The Teach the Teacher Course is taught in Oxford and London. It provides doctors with formal training in teaching. Students learn important skills, such as how to prepare thorough presentations and how to deal with difficult students. This course has an excellent reputation and is considered the best Teach the Teacher medical course in the U.K.

Oxford Medical has a well-deserved reputation for its medical interview and medical management courses.

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