Thursday, August 25, 2011

We Waited

We waited...and waited until it finally arrived and it was certainly worth it! Downton Abbey was superbly acted, had beautiful settings, and exquisite clothes. There were also some very handsome men in it who pleased the eye.

There were some rather grating modern expressions at times, such as: "Pardon me for living". I doubt that an Edwardian would have used that expression!

I am not sure whether I prefer Upstairs, Downstairs or Downton Abbey. Upstairs, Downstairs was more subtle and authentic, I think. Downton Abbey had more scandals and backstabbing!


Richard Hannay said...

The second series starts this Sunday, and features the Great War - several of my friends are extras in it.

Viola said...

Unfortunately, it probably won't reach Australia until next year. I think that I will have to buy it!

What a wonderful experience for your friends! I hope that some of them blog about it?

Richard Hannay said...

Well, I enjoyed the first episode - the WW1 scenes were very authentic and impressive. Unfortunately none of them blog, although one of them was clearly visible on TV for several seconds!

The 1912 Renault Limousine is my 'star' of the show though, wonderful