Friday, July 10, 2009

The Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion

The Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion is my site of the week. This truly is a treasury of enchanting articles about Victorian and Edwardian fashion - I especially liked the one about the rivalry of tea gowns. It also has patterns for those who love to sew.

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Hels said...

I love this source. Instead of just describing an item of clothing as a fashion magazine might, there is an analysis of the historical context and relevance of the item.

This, for example, is super writing. "..the suit, consisting of jacket, matching skirt and contrasting blouse. This ensemble had arisen in the 1890s as the most useful style of clothing for the New Woman, the young, fashionable, sporting, working woman who was, herself, a late Victorian development. The New Woman may have been a Suffragette, advocating votes for women. She could also be one of the numerous and less controversial examples of ordinary, respectable, unmarried, sometimes well-educated, working women, who simply could not afford to stay at home, but who did not want to work as a servant or in a factory, as perhaps her mother may have done. The New Woman was essentially one of the expanding middle classes and not an upper class fashion leader."

Many thanks.