Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Douglas Tompkins, A Respected Psychoanalyst

Douglas Tompkins is an esteemed psychoanalyst, with many qualifications, who practises in New York.  He specializes in Jungian psychotherapy.

Jungian analysis focuses on healing people by helping them understand the inner psyche.  It also helps them understand and come to terms with their complexes so that they can successfully integrate their inner selves.  The interpretation of dreams and reflections on daily life play a large role in this type of analysis. Jung believed that dreams were a good indication of the state of a person’s psyche.  They often reveal hidden problems and fears.  However, if you can’t remember your dreams, Jungian analysis can still help you by dealing with the troubles and dilemmas of your life and the way in which you deal with it.

If you are interested  in improving your life by undergoing Jungian analysis it is a good idea to visit Douglas Tompkins.  Make an appointment for an initial consultation to see whether you think that you can develop a positive and healing relationship.  After this, consultations are usually once a week. 

Douglas Tompkins also holds events and classes for those interested in Jung's ideas.

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