Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Exhibition of American Impressionism and Realism

I went to see the Exhibition of American Impressionism and Realism from the Met today. It gives a wonderful overview of these styles of painting and it's certainly worth seeing. I especially liked the Childe Hassam paintings and this gorgeous work by Donoho:


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A critic wrote in The Australian that he preferred the Australian artist's work because it wasn't as derivative. I thought that this was probably nonsense but after going to the Exhibition I agreed with him in regard to many of the paintings. Some of the artists were too influenced by Monet and Renoir, I thought. The Australian paintings also tended to be brighter and more colourful and outstanding. These include paintings by John Russell, an Impressionist artist and a good friend of Monet. Here is a link to one of his paintings of Belle Isle: Belle Isle

The Sargent portraits were quite amazing. They must have involved so much work and time! I especially liked this portrait of Mrs. Hugh Hammersley, a wealthy banker's wife. It's such a strong portrait but her beautiful dress is so delicately painted.

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