Thursday, July 23, 2009

Site of the Week: Fotofacade

Andy Marshall is an architectural historian who takes amazing and unusual photos and writes insightful articles about historical buildings. He is also passionate about preserving historical buildings.

Here is his post about one of my favourites, Charles Rennie Macintosh.


Hels said...

Thanks Viola.

Andy Marshall, in the precis, highlighted the very important connection between the Glasgow School and Vienna. I have found some links myself, but I've never seen a book or journal article dedicated to that link.

This week on ebay, in France, I saw Peter Vergo's book VIENNA SCOTLAND AND THE EUROPEAN AVANT GARDE. As soon as it arrives in Australia, I'll find out how useful Vergo is in this under-researched area.

Viola said...

Thank you, Hels. I don't think that my studies in art are advanced enough to read this book yet. It certainly looks interesting so I will look forward to your review. I hope to read much more about the Glasgow School in the meantime.