Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Scandalous Idina Sackville: A Review of The Bolter by Frances Osborne

This is a little bit out of time because Idina was really a 'flapper', but she was born during the Edwardian age and she certainly shared some Edwardian traits! I greatly enjoyed this excellent biography. Here is my review: The Bolter


Hels said...

I am assuming that only a woman who left home could be called a Bolter. A man who left home was just... a man?

Idina Sackville may have led a dashing, exciting life, but she paid a great price for her choices, didn't she? Even convinced suffragettees really didn't enjoy what we would call freedom in life choices.

Viola said...

Idina did pay a great price. Her first husband imposed quite stringent conditions on her when she left, as far as the children were concerned.

I think that she really never got over him and that that explains some of her actions.

She was pretty wild - she would probably be considered scandalous even by today's standards. (Not many women have five husbands!) I think that she was probably quite likeable, however. I have a soft spot for anyone with overflowing bookshelves!